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Calendar Scroll

There are many times when a curriculum view will have a list of standards/objectives that is longer than the height of your computer screen. In these cases, dragging a standard/objective to the calendar can be a cumbersome process. In cases where the standards/objectives you want to drag to the calendar are below the bottom of the screen, you can turn on the calendar scroll so that the calendar will follow you down the screen as you scroll down the list of curriculum.


  1. Click on the Scroll Checkbox checkbox to turn on the calendar scroll feature.
  2. Scroll down a list of curriculum and the calendar will now scroll down the page as well.
  3. To turn off the calendar scroll feature, click on the Scroll Checkbox checkbox to turn off the calendar scroll. The calendar will then jump back to the top of the page.

In cases where there are many calendar items being displayed, it may be helpful to switch to day or week view when using the calendar scroll feature.