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Printing Calendar Information

There are a number of options for printing calendar information. You can print an entire month, an entire week, or just a day's worth of calendar information. When you print an entire month, the system will print all of the calendar items' short titles in a calendar grid similar to what is normally displayed in the Curriculum Engine. When you print a week or a day, the system will extract all of the information out of each calendar item (the long title, lesson plan text, and related standards/objectives). You can also set a number of extra options including options to omit the full standard/course objective language, turn on paper saving mode, and add page breaks between days/layers.


  1. Click on the Print Link link in the top-right corner of the page to bring up the Print Selection overlay.
  2. Click on the Change Link link next to each section under the Print Calendar Information header to display the options for that section.
  3. Click the Print Button button to print with the currently selected options.
  4. A new browser window/tab will open that shows a print preview of your lesson plans. From here, you can select a printer and print your plans. To return to the Curriculum Engine, you can either close the new window/tab or just switch back to the original window/tab.