Curriculum Engine Clark County School District

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Year Round School and Summer Support

The Curriculum Engine Project Facilitator will be out of office from July 1st to July 31st, returning on August 1st. Emails will be monitored and support will be provided in response to user questions and needs.

Year Round School Best Practices and Tips

We know that when a school year winds down, many teachers and administrators start thinking on support and needs for the upcoming school year. As one of the designated year round schools, you may be thinking about customized support that helps transition a staff from a 9-month calendar to a year round calendar.

Curriculum Engine users will not need a new set of skills to continue using Curriculum Engine with a new calendar, but they may benefit from some "best practices and tips" that show how to manage collaborative planning and calendaring with varied schedules. Current year round school teachers have shared with us their successes, challenges, and strategies that we would like to pass along to all year round schools through On-Demand support.