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Add Blank Items to a Calendar Layer

There will be times when you need to add items to a calendar layer that aren't directly related to an objective or standard. For example, if students are taking state assessments or there is a school assembly, these events would not be tied to a specific objective or standard, but you would still want to have them in your instructional plans. In these cases, you can create blank calendar items.


  1. Check which calendar layer is currently selected for editing by looking at which layer is selected under the Edit Icon icon.
    Calendar List Edit Example
  2. Click and drag the new blank calendar item iconCreate a New Calendar Item from below the calendar onto any day you want to create a new item.
  3. A second way you can create blank calendar items is by double clicking in the empty space of any calendar cell. Double clicking in the empty space of a calendar cell will create a blank calendar item and automatically open it for editing.