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Editing a Calendar Item

After you have created calendar items by dragging objectives or standards to the calendar, you can then edit those calendar items and add your lesson plans. In addition to editing the calendar item's lesson plan, you can change the display title, print title, date, or see the standards/objectives that have been linked to the calendar item. Once you are done editing a calendar item, you can either save your changes or use the left and right jump arrows to quickly save the current calendar item and move to the previous/next calendar item on that same layer.


  1. Double click a calendar item's display title Calendar Item to display the editing overlay.
  2. Edit the display title of the calendar item.
    Note: The display title is what is displayed on the calendar and is limited to 25 characters.
  3. Edit the print title of the calendar item.
    Note: The print title is what is printed at the top of the calendar item when the calendar item is printed.
  4. Edit lesson plan information in the large text area.
  5. Change the date for the calendar item by clicking on the date in the center of the overlay.
  6. Click on the Save Button button to save the changes and close the calendar item details overlay.
  7. An alternative way to save the calendar item is to click on the Left ArrowRight Arrowbuttons which will save the current calendar item and jump to the previous or next calendar item on that same calendar layer.