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Duplicate a Calendar Item

There may be times after you have created a calendar item that you want to create copies of that calendar item on other days. For example, if your lesson plan on a Monday looks the same each Monday, you can duplicate one Monday's calendar item on to each of the following Mondays. There may also be times you want to duplicate a calendar item from one calendar layer onto a different calendar layer.


  1. Double click a calendar item's title Calendar Item to display the editing overlay.
  2. Click on the Duplicate Button button to display the Duplicate Calendar Item overlay.
  3. If you'd like to duplicate the calendar item on to a different calendar layer, click on the title of the currently selected target layer (directly right of the Target Layer label) and the select a new target layer.
  4. Click on all of the dates you would like to place a copy of the current calendar item. Each day selected will be highlighted in purple and displayed below the date picker.
  5. Click on the Duplicate Button to save the current calendar item and create the desired copies on the target layer.