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Inserting Math Formula in to Lesson Plans

To insert a math formula in to a lesson plan in the Curriculum Engine, you need to generate the formula in an equation editor (e.g., MathType©). After you have created an equation, you can copy its TeX representation in to the Curriculum Engine and the formula will render.

Directions (MathType©):

  1. Open the MathType© program.
  2. Click on Preferences, then Cut and Copy Preferences, and then select LaTex under MathML or Tex. Ensure that "Include MathType data in translation" is not checked.
  3. Create your formula.
  4. Highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the formula.
  5. In the Curriculum Engine, open the desired calendar item, place the cursor where you would like to insert the formula, and press the Insert Formula icon gettingStarted-formulaIcon.png.
  6. Paste the formula's code in to the TeX Code textbox.
  7. Click Ok

An online alternative to MathType for generating TeX/LaTex is the WebEquation editor by VisionObjects.