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When did I teach this?

The "When did I teach this?" feature allows users to identify calendar items that are tagged with a particular standard or course objective. This feature may be useful during a grade-level or department Structured Teacher Planning Time (STPT) meeting when looking back at previous instruction. This feature may also be useful when creating lesson plans to remind yourself how the skill was taught thus far in this school year or last school year.


  1. Open a curriculum view on the left side of the Curriculum Engine (see the Accessing Curriculum Views help topic for more assistance on this step). The number in the red dots indicate the number of times that standard/course objective appears in your visible calendar items for this school year.
  2. Click on the When Did I Teach This? Counter icon next to the New Calendar Item Icon icon in the desired standard or course objective.
  3. The "When did I teach this?" overlay will appear and list all of your layers that have calendar items tagged with that standard or course objective for the current school year and last school year.
  4. Click on a layer's title to open a list of calendar items that are tagged with that standard or course objective.
  5. Click on a calendar item's title to view the details for that calendar item.
  6. When you are done, click the Close Button button to hide the "When did I teach this?" overlay.