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Exporting Calendar Layers

In the Curriculum Engine you can export and import data for each calendar layer in a special version of the iCalendar format. iCalendar files have a file extension of .ics. Exporting a calendar layer will allow you to create a local archive/backup of that layer's calendar items/lesson plans. Exporting a calendar layer in the iCalendar file format will also allow you to import the information in to other calendar programs like Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and FirstClass©/InterAct©. The archived calendar layers in the iCalendar file format can also be imported back in to the Curriculum Engine at any time (Help Topic: Importing Calendar Layers).


  1. Double click on the title of the calendar layer you want to export (e.g.,Sample Calendar Title).
  2. Click on the Export Button button to display the "Export Calendar Layer Archive" overlay.
  3. Select the timespan for the export (either the current school year or all of the information on the layer).
  4. Select the compatibility for the export (either compatible with First Class/InterAct or compatible with all other calendar programs).
  5. Click on the Download Button button to download the exported file. If prompted by your browser, be sure to download or save the file because most computers do not have a program that will open iCalendar (.ics) files.

Warning: If you are using the export functionality to export calendar information to be posted publicly (e.g., exporting a "Homework" calendar layer to be hosted publicly on Google Calendar) be sure not to include any private student information pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Advanced Exporting Information

The exported iCalendar file is a standard file format that is recognized by many calendar programs and websites. The FirstClass©/InterAct© program interprets these files slightly differently than all other programs, so if you plan to import the file to FirstClass©/InterAct©, be sure to select the FirstClass©/InterAct© compatibility option when exporting. The normal iCalendar format will work well in many popular calendar programs such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. Unfortunately, many of these programs only support plain text for calendar item descriptions, so formatting options like tables, italics, etc will not appear.