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Printing Curriculum Information

When you want to print out curriculum information, there is a print feature built into the Curriculum Engine you can use to print a clean copy that strips away some of the extra formatting found in the main Curriculum Engine page. To do this, you use the Print link found in the top-right corner of the Curriculum Engine.


  1. To select a curriculum view/group to print, first display that curriculum view/group in the left side of the Curriculum Engine. Related Help Topic: Accessing Curriculum Views
  2. Click on the Print Link link in the top-right corner of the Curriculum Engine.
  3. Click on the Print Button button in the "Print Curriculum Information" section of the overlay.
    Note: This will open up a new window/tab and will automatically bring up the browser's print dialog.
  4. After printing, close the print window/tab and return back to the main Curriculum Engine window/tab.