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Accessing Resource Buckets

In addition to providing fast access to curriculum, another goal of the Curriculum Engine is to have a way for the District to collect and access its collective intelligence. We are storing this collective intelligence in four resource buckets. The goal of the four resource buckets is to collect all of our knowledge about the standards in one location. Links to related resources can be found under each objective and standard on Curriculum Engine. To view this in action, we will click on the magnifying glass found under the objective/standard number.


  1. Click on the Select a Course button and switch to a course view that has objectives/standards (e.g., calendar/pacing view, list view).
  2. After the course objectives/standards load, click on the Show Details icon Show Details found under the objective/standard number.
  3. Click on a related standard number to go to the unwrapped version of that standard.
    Note: the unwrapped standard will load in a new window or tab.
  4. In the unwrapped standard window/tab, click on the title of each section to toggle that section open and close. Unwrapped Standard Section
  5. Close the unwrapped standard window/tab and return back to the Curriculum Engine window/tab.

For more information on what can be found in the Unwrapped Standards, please visit the help topics Unwrapped Standards - Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or Unwrapped Standards - Non-CCSS Content Areas.