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Curriculum Engine Help Home (DEVELOPMENT VERSION)

Welcome to the CCSD Curriculum Engine! The help topics below are designed to teach you how to use the curriculum engine and its features.

Professional Development Options


  1. Accessing Curriculum Views
    (e.g., Pacing View, Calendar View, List View, Document View)
  2. Switching/Jumping Between Curriculum Groups
  3. Using Curriculum Quick Links
  4. Printing Curriculum Information
  5. "When did I teach this?"

Unwrapped Standards

  1. Accessing Unwrapped Standards
  2. Submitting Unwrapped Standards Suggestions
  3. Printing Unwrapped Standards


  1. Switching Between Day/Week/Month Views
  2. Calendar Scroll
  3. Printing Calendar Information

Calendar Layers

  1. Creating Calendar Layers
  2. Editing Calendar Layers
  3. Creating Calendar Layer Templates
  4. Sharing Calendars Layers (Viewing and Editing Permissions)
  5. Subscribing to Existing Calendar Layers
  6. Turning Calendar Layers On and Off
  7. Reorder Calendar Layers
  8. Delete/Unsubscribe from a Calendar Layer

Calendar Items

  1. Add Standards/Objectives to a Calendar Layer
  2. Add Blank Items to a Calendar Layer
  3. Editing a Calendar Item
  4. Duplicate a Calendar Item
  5. Delete a Calendar Item
  6. Restore a Deleted Calendar Item


  1. Exporting Calendar Layers
  2. Importing Calendar Layers
  3. School Site Viewing Permission Access