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School Site Viewing Permission Access

Administrators and staff members designated by an administrator have the ability to view, but not edit, the lesson plans of everyone at their school site via the Curriculum Engine. Lesson plans can be access on the Curriculum Engine from a computer or through the Mobile Curriculum Engine using a mobile device (e.g., tablet, smartphone).

Curriculum Engine Directions:

  1. Click the gettingStarted-changeUserButton.png button under the calendar.
  2. Click on the name of the teacher whose calendar you want to view. You can narrow the list of names by typing a portion of their first or last name in the search box at the top of the Change User overlay.
  3. You will now be seeing a read-only version of the user's calendar layers and calendar items.
  4. You can view any calendar item by double clicking it or you can use the Print link in the top-right corner of the page to print out the user's lesson plans.

Mobile Curriculum Engine Directions:

  1. Log in on the Mobile Curriculum Engine page, then touch the gettingStarted-mobile-calendarButton.png button.
  2. Touch the gettingStarted-mobile-changeUserButton.p button.
  3. Touch the name of the teacher whose calendar you want to view.
  4. Touch an item on the calendar you wish to view.

If you are an administrator and need viewing permissions for your school site or would like to give others at your site this feature (e.g., ECS, office manager, instructional coach), please use the Contact Us link found at the bottom of the page.